Why Joe Biden isn’t on the 2024 New Hampshire primary ballot — and what it means for the election

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In the 2024 New Hampshire primary, President Joe Biden’s strategic decision not to appear on the ballot has raised eyebrows and sparked discussions.

His absence echoes his 2020 experience, where he faced challenges as a supposed frontrunner.

Biden, seeking reelection, has refrained from participating in New Hampshire’s primary, opting for a write-in option.

This unconventional move positions him as the first incumbent president in over half a century to bypass the state’s early voting contest.

The absence on the ballot has garnered attention, particularly concerning Biden’s age and political standing.

Critics argue that this decision might set the stage for potential embarrassment, presenting a less-than-ideal scenario for the incumbent president.

Steve Duprey, a former Republican National Committeeman, expresses concern, emphasizing the significance of this choice.

Despite not being on the ballot, determined New England Democrats are leading a write-in campaign in support of Biden against candidates like Rep.

Dean Phillips and author Marianne Williamson, who are the leading contenders on the official Democratic primary ballot.

The backstory involves attempts by Biden and the Democratic National Committee to alter the primary schedule, suggesting South Carolina as the first primary state.

However, New Hampshire resisted, maintaining its early voting status, and the DNC’s dismissal led Biden’s campaign to distance itself from the state’s primary.

As the New Hampshire primary unfolds, contradictions and confusion surround its significance.

The silence from Biden’s campaign and the DNC’s dismissive stance reflect a perception that the contest holds little importance.

Nevertheless, Biden’s allies in the state consider supporting him through write-ins critical, hoping to maintain the state’s primary status in future elections.

Senator Maggie Hassan criticizes the DNC’s decision not to have New Hampshire go first, emphasizing the state’s commitment to democracy.

The absence from the ballot doesn’t impact Biden’s potential nomination but introduces uncertainties for his 2024 run.

New Hampshire’s historical importance as a swing state adds complexity to the situation.

Biden’s rejection of the primary is met with mixed feelings among Democrats in the state, reflecting the unique dynamics of New Hampshire politics.

As the 2024 primary unfolds, Biden’s absence on the ballot serves as a focal point, symbolizing a nuanced relationship between the president and the state.

The outcome remains uncertain, with the potential for Biden to rely on voters who may have opposed him in the 2020 primary to secure a favorable result this time around.

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