Use an Ant Moat for Your Hummingbird Feeders

Ant Moats Keep Hummingbird Feeders Ant-Free Ants contaminate my feeders' sugar water, keeping hummingbirds away. What can I do? asks Margaret Gill of Slaughter, Louisiana.

Ants can be a major issue for hummingbird feeders. Adding an ant moat to hummingbird feeders may help. This cup holds basic water and wraps around the hanger, preventing ants from crossing.

Ant moats are integrated into some of the greatest hummingbird feeders. Maintaining a wet moat requires effort, but it attracts hummingbirds, not ants.  

We advise avoiding placing sticky material around the pole to stop ants since birds may get stuck. Pesticides are harmful to hummingbirds, who ingest insects, sugar water, and flower nectar.

Add Ant Moats to Fruit and Mealworm Feeders “How do I keep ants out of the dried mealworms on my bluebird feeder?” asks Augusta, Kansas resident Liza Peniston.

An ant moat over a tray feeder with dry mealworms on a metal hook is recommended. A wet moat prevents ants from crossing. Try a bird feeding store, but it may take some practice.  

They'll have resources to make this setup work and keep ants out of your mealworms. This simple solution could work for grape jelly and fruit bird feeders.