Unusual Delights from the '80s That Everyone Loved

While kids ate Fruit Roll-Ups and Lunchables in their lunchboxes,

teenagers sat about the mall eating Chicken McNuggets and gulping down Dairy Queen Blizzards.

Adults, on the other hand, were occupied at dinner parties with serving chicken Marbella and dips in bread bowls.

Dip served in a bread bowl was a certain item on 1980s buffet tables.

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Crudités were served beside a full baguette that had been hollowed out.

Some New Englanders liked their pumpernickel with crab, clams, or shrimp inside, while others liked spinach and artichoke.

Sausage, onion, pepperoni, and peppers were the traditional pizza toppings up until the 1980s, when everything changed.