Top 10 Red Hummingbird Flowers

Red Daylilies A backyard favorite, this plant blooms all summer. Daylily may grow in full sun or moderate shade in almost any shade. Red hummingbird flowers grow 10′′-4′ tall and 1½-4′ broad.

Columbine Columbine comes in several colors, including bicolored blooms. Shade or sun for spring to early summer blooms. Grows 1–3 feet tall and 6–24 inches broad.

Cardinal Flower Why cardinal flower is named after a gorgeous bird. Scarlet flowers up to 4 feet high and 2 feet broad brighten gardens. Growing conditions include moderate shade to full sun.

Penstemon These lively, colorful trumpets thrive in full sun to mild shade. Established on well-drained soils, most can endure drought.

Bee Balm Newer bee balm kinds are purple, pink, and white, but red attracts hummingbirds best. Grows 3–4 feet tall and 26 inches broad. It thrives in full light but tolerates midday shadow.

Hibiscus Big, elegant, and stunning, this perennial grows to 15 feet. Its large 4–12-inch flowers last from early summer to the first frost. This beauty needs full sun and healthy, moist soil.

Peony Large spring and summer blooms delight butterflies and hummingbirds. Peonies can reach 3½ feet tall and wide. Fall rhizome digging and division.

Coral Bells In addition to its beautiful foliage, this robust perennial has bell-shaped blossoms. It blooms late spring to early summer at 3 feet tall and 24 inches wide.

Garden Phlox A little deadheading keeps garden phlox blooming all season. Grow this charming in full sun. Up to 36 inches tall and wide.

The Oriental Poppy Bunches of poppies look best. Plant these ruby-red hummingbird flowers in spring by planting the fine seeds directly into the soil. The fuzzy buds and cup-shaped blooms should appear by early summer the following year.