Snacks That Are Easier to Make Than a Basket of Bread

We like to believe our appetizers are the best, but a party isn't complete without them.

Apps for every holiday party, game night, cocktail party, and more are available here, ranging from dips to nibbles.

The ones that never lose a party? Food item B. A bread basket is a restaurant staple, isn't it?

Try this appetizer! Our baked brie wreath, cranberry brie pull-apart bread, or cheesy green bean and mushroom pastry are perfect.

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Bread can also refer to more than just crudité or crostini. Nope!

We're going to make bread-y apps that you and your guests will love by using some of our favorite store-bought ingredients and simple hacks.

The use of crescent rolls, pizza dough, and puff pastry makes them come together in a flash, but you better have a supply on hand because they will go quickly!