Role of Color in Attracting Hummingbirds to Your Garden

Red: Highly visible to hummingbirds, red flowers like trumpet vine are irresistible due to their vibrant hue and abundant nectar, making them a favorite food source for these birds.

Orange: Similarly captivating, orange flowers such as fuchsia and orange honeysuckle provide a striking contrast in the garden, attracting hummingbirds with their bright color and sweet nectar.

Pink: Delicate pink blooms like those of bee balm and salvia still catch the attention of hummingbirds with their soft hue and ample nectar, offering an alternative to more vibrant colors.

Purple: Popular among hummingbirds, purple flowers like lavender and lupine provide a rich source of nectar, drawing these birds with their vibrant color and enticing scent.

Blue: While less common, blue flowers such as those of the cardinal flower can still attract hummingbirds, especially when they have tubular shapes reminiscent of their preferred nectar sources.

Yellow: Although not as striking, yellow flowers like goldenrod and columbine still offer a valuable food source for hummingbirds, complementing the garden with their bright color and sweet nectar.

White: White flowers such as nicotiana and jasmine may also attract hummingbirds, particularly if they have tubular shapes and produce ample nectar, providing additional foraging opportunities in the garden.