Our Favorite Movie Animals Despite Everyone Else

Countless cinematic animals have won audiences over and become fan favorites, even more so than the human actors in the films.

Whether they were the center of attention in a kid-friendly comedy or

the unsung hero who steals the show, these are the movie animals who will live on in cinematic memory.

The titular bear from Paul King's Paddington films loves marmalade.

Beloved by kids and spoken by Ben Whishaw, this character from the acclaimed children's books never lets anyone down, and he always ends up with all the munchies.

We simply cannot get enough of Paddington Bear, even after he went to jail.

What's not to love about him?  That is not to discount the Brown family, though.

“That’ll do pig, that’ll do,” James Cromwell’s Arthur Hoggett in Babe concludes, encapsulating our love for Christine Cavanaugh’s beloved pig.