Never Add These Foods to Your Hummingbird Mixture

Honey Does honey harm hummingbirds? Honey is a typical substitute for table sugar in homemade hummingbird concoctions, but it has numerous drawbacks. Honey ferments and molds quickly. Honey is sticky and could harm birds if it gets on their feathers.

Red food coloring or dye Many hummingbird feeders have crimson water. Break the habit if this is you. We know that hummingbirds see red well and like red flowers.  

Molasses Molasses in brown sugar flavors baked beans and marinades. Like honey, this sticky substance is bad for little fliers. Molasses is heavy in iron, which Audubon says can kill hummingbirds.

Artificial Sweeteners Use only white table sugar in hummingbird concoction. Sugar substitutes like Equal or Splenda won't fuel hummingbirds' quick flying and hovering

Brown Sugar We like brown sugar in cookies and porridge, but not in hummingbird feeders. Avoid dark and light brown sugar, which include molasses. Discover 17 amazing hummingbird facts.

Powdered Sugar If you run out of white sugar, powdered sugar may work. Powdered sugar contains cornstarch, so avoid. How do hummingbirds find feeders?

Fruit Juice We told you to avoid red coloring in sugar water. Hummingbirds should not be fed red fruit juice either. Many bottled juices contain artificial sugars and other ingredients. Some are quite acidic.