Introducing the Exciting New Oreo Flavors for 2023!

How is it that peanut butter and jelly, apple pie, and spicy chicken wings are all similar?

Oreo has introduced a plethora of flavors since the introduction of the famous chocolate sandwich cookie in 1912.

With the release of new cookies and the reintroduction of fan favorites, Oreo has been quite the sensation over the last year.

On January 3, consumers will be able to take advantage of three new offerings from the Mondelez-owned brand.

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A couple of the new Oreo flavors for this year might pop up on your cookie run shortly.

Some, though, may be nothing more than a hazy recollection that, as many fans are well aware, could materialize once more.

For your perusal, here are eight of the Oreo flavors that will be available in stores in 2023, both new and old.