In 2024, sun signs are poised for unprecedented good fortune.

According to astrology, an old system of divination that analyzes the effects of the stars, five sun signs are about to have a very fortunate break.

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Opportunities for travel, education, and broadening one's horizons will abound in 2024 for Sagittarians, the zodiac's adventurers.

In 2024, Aquarians—loathed for their humanitarian and inventive nature—will see a growth in social networks and an influx of new ideas.

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By putting their one-of-a-kind perspectives to use for the benefit of society, Aquarians will be in the vanguard of community development and social reform this year.

This is a great year for Sagittarians to take intellectual or physical risks that will pay off in the form of significant self-improvement.

In 2024, the zodiac sign of Pisces—the dreamer—will witness the materialization of their dreams and the expansion of their emotional realm.