How to keep hummingbirds hummin’ around your yard

To keep them buzzing around the yard all summer, provide food, water, and shelter. This is vital to attract any species, but hummingbirds are picky, so you must make precise choices.

Horticulture Specialist Robert Balek of the University of Missouri Extension office recommends specific plants and feeders to keep these birds around.

"You wouldn't see native vegetation without these birds. Hummingbirds are vital to other species. Plants wouldn't support other species without bird reproduction. Balek remarked they all appear important in the big picture. Balek recommends vividly colored native flora.

Maintaining hummingbird feeders is crucial. Sugar-based nectar spoils quickly, especially in hot temperatures.

Replace nectar and clean your feeder every few days to keep it in good condition. Balek also advised checking the nectar frequently to ensure it is clean and unspoiled.

Swab thinks feeder placement is vital to keep hummingbirds. The tree line is where my feeders are. The feeders are fastened to our pool fence on the back side. That suits them since they can sit in the trees and eat. Swab stated they constantly switch.

“It’s great that people are interested in bringing wildlife to their yards, and by learning what they can do to keep that wildlife coming back to our area, I think everyone benefits,” said Balek.