How to attract hummingbirds and other feathered friends to your Louisiana yard

"Colored hummingbirds are real," stated Patterson. "If they were colorblind, they wouldn't be colorful. They are undoubtedly focusing."  

Another volunteer at Hilltop, Sarah Rayner, advises adding nectar to a clean hummingbird feeder by mixing one cup sugar with four cups water.  

She frequently tracks hummingbird migrations using the Journey North website and the Bird Migration Explorer tool from the National Audubon Society.  

Rayner has been home to the same breeding pair of bluebirds in her backyard for the past six years.  

In Rayner's yard, the female, whom she has dubbed Sweet Girl, is presently incubating her eggs in a nest box. She claims she can typically summon Sweet Girl to come out of her box and that the birds are aware of her.  

"Without nature, I couldn't survive even a single day," Rayner remarked, pausing to show off a black swallowtail at Hilltop.

"It has improved my life, and I try my hardest to support these birds in my tiny front and rear gardens. Every yard matters.