Here's How Long You Need To Walk Every Day for Weight Loss

Helps burn calories. To produce a caloric deficit, your body must burn more calories than you ingest. Walking may not burn as many calories as running or working out, but it's better than nothing.

It melts belly fat. A study in Diabetes Research and Clinical Practise found that walking can speed up belly fat loss independently of exercise and calorie consumption.

You can do more without tiring. You can stroll daily for extended durations without stress, exertion, or exhaustion, unlike jogging and working out. This lets you do more and benefit more.

Beginners, sedentary people, and those with injuries or pain can safely and comfortably change their bodies with this.

Gentle on the body. Since walking is milder, it's an easy method to burn additional calories in addition to your training.

If you're already working out three times a week, adding a fourth may stress your body and make recovery harder. Instead, walk daily to burn extra calories and notice more results without tiredness.

Multiple factors determine your daily walk length. How fit are you? You eat how many calories daily? What exercises do you do besides walking?

You still need moderate-to-high intensity resistance exercise, sports, and more every week to reduce weight and improve your body. Walks aren't tough enough to cause major alterations unless you're seriously out of shape. That's why it should be part of a balanced workout.

Next, while some say "XX minutes" is optimal, starting gently and tracking your progress is the best method to identify your fat loss sweet spot. Start by walking 20 minutes, five times a week.  

Finally, as you get fitter, you can walk harder instead of longer. Try walking faster or wearing a weight vest. Resistance builds muscle, bone, and joint strength. Start at 5% of your body weight and gradually increase.