Food Chains Owned by Chefs That Serve Sandwiches

As early as the first century B.C., people were putting together sandwiches.

People have been stuffing bread with meat, vegetables, and other toppings for millennia, and they've only gotten better at it with time.

Because of their universal appeal, sandwiches are a staple in nearly every cuisine on Earth.

"Sandwiches are part of my main food groups," explains Diana Manalang, chef at Little Chef Little Café in New York City in an interview.

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We went back to the chefs for another round of questions; this time, we wanted to know which sandwich chains they liked and what they usually order.

Keep reading to learn how to order a sandwich like a pro and discover the clear winner.

Bread is for grains, onions, peppers, cucumbers, tomatoes are for fruits, cheese is for dairy, various meats are for protein, and fats are sauces like mayo or oil and vinegar.