Expert Picks for the Best Hummingbird Feeders

Kenn and Kim Kaufman's Choice “We have tried many hummingbird feeders, and our favorite is the Aspects HummZinger HighView 12-ounce feeder,” Kenn and Kimberly said. These little fliers notice it because of its red top.

It's easy to clean, and wasps and bees rarely bother us. Sugar water is inaccessible to insects, but hummingbirds' long tongues can reach it. It also features an ant moat to keep out little crawlers.

Jill Staake Pick Jill agrees with the Kaufmans and likes saucer-style feeders like the Aspects Mini HummZinger. The feeders are easy to clean and don't hinder hummingbird views.

Ken Keffer Pick I love Wild Birds Unlimited high-perch hummingbird feeders. They're easy to fill and don't leak. Visiting hummingbirds are visible from either feeder side. Ant moats and bee- and wasp-guard tips are available for the feeders.  

Classic Glass Bottle Feeder A conventional sugar-water feeder like this is safe for hummingbird beginners. This patio fixture is simple, yet the plastic or glass exterior is easy to clean and the bright red hue attracts hummingbirds.

Sally Roth Pick Since using Perky-Pet's 'pinch waist' nectar feeder 20 years ago, I've used it. Weight from the glass bottle prevents it from tipping over in the wind and spilling. I can see how much sugar-water is left because it's clear.  

Artful Glass Feeder Glass feeders add style! Try a more decorative feeder if your yard has a large, hungry hummingbird population. This glass feeder is attractive but hard to clean and has no perch for birds.  

Horizontal Bar Feeder Bar feeders with multiple ports attract many hummingbirds, which is fun. But hope these territorial birds become allies. Put several of the best hummingbird feeders in your yard to avoid power trips.