Easy Ways to Spice Up Your Work Lunches

I mean, let's be honest: lunchtime can feel like the only positive aspect of work some days.

Take a break, go for a stroll, have a good laugh with your coworkers, etc.

not to mention the excruciatingly long line that forms for takeout.

Do not assume that bringing a sad sandwich or leftovers is your exclusive option.

It's not necessary to spend an arm and a leg preparing your lunch the night before (or even first thing in the morning) if you want to bring it to work.

No, we don't believe so. Everything from salads to soups, bowls to wraps, you name it, we have it here.

Who needs takeout when you can whip up one of these 55 delicious and easy work lunches in no time?

No need to interact with a cashier whatsoever; simply add or substitute your preferred ingredients.