Delicious Festive Fudge Recipes We'll Be Creating Throughout the Season

For a nutty crunch and the fluffiest texture, this easy-to-master recipe uses chopped pecans.

Peppermint is a perfect complement to any Christmas cookie tray, and this two-layer fudge is guaranteed to be the show-stopper.

These small fudge squares just require an hour to cool. They would also look beautiful garnished with crushed candy canes.

During the holiday season, everyone could use a little help, and this minty fudge is nearly self-contained in a microwave.

Fudge can be made ahead of time by wrapping it in layers of waxed paper and then freezing it in an airtight container.

It can be enjoyed by anybody or given as a gift.

You can take your chocolate fudge to the next level by adding dark chocolate and raspberry liqueur after you master the basic recipe.

According to some reviewers, the results were just as delicious when made with raspberry syrup or Chambord.