Delicious Cream Cheese Desserts You Won't Believe

In addition to imparting a sweet and tangy flavor, it provides baked items a velvety texture.

In a completely different way, the flavor of cream cheese is showcased in these fifteen amazing sweets.

Every one of these recipes, from traditional cheesecakes to mouth-watering tarts, will simply increase your fondness for cream.

If you've ever wanted to create a pistachio cheesecake, this is it.

A cheesecake with a simple two-ingredient crust and a lusciously creamy

filling made with homemade pistachio butter—all without baking.

This stunning 4th of July pie is the perfect way to honor America.

The filling, a fluffy cream cheese mousse, gives it the texture and flavor of a decadent cheesecake with half the work.