Christmas Travel Destinations

Strasbourg, France: In the midst of half-timbered houses, sparkling lights, and the breathtaking Strasbourg Cathedral, you will find the oldest Christmas market in the world.

Quebec City, Canada: Visit Old Quebec in the winter and lose yourself in a winter wonderland with its historic buildings, charming cobblestone streets, and enchanting seasonal decorations.

Rovaniemi, Finland: Spend some time at the Arctic Circle at Santa Claus's official house. Santa Claus Village, sleigh rides pulled by reindeer, and the possibility of seeing the northern lights are all part of the package.

Reykjavik, Iceland: Enjoy a one-of-a-kind holiday season surrounded by breathtaking winter scenery, traditional Yule Lads, and geothermal hot springs.

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New York City, USA: Take in the breathtaking Fifth Avenue store displays, the iconic Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree, and the enchanted snowscape of Central Park.

Cologne, Germany: Immerse yourself in the enchantment of Cologne's Christmas markets, where the aroma of gingerbread and mulled wine surrounds you amongst the towering Cologne Cathedral as a backdrop.

Tokyo, Japan: Marvel at the fusion of old and new as you stroll through the vibrant neighborhoods of Tokyo and marvel at the sparkling lights, Christmas markets, and festive decorations that decorate the buildings and streets.