Best Place in the US to Watch Hummingbirds

Arizona: The desert landscapes of Arizona attract numerous hummingbird species, especially during migration and breeding seasons. Popular spots include Madera Canyon, Ash Canyon, and the Santa Rita Lodge.

California: California's diverse habitats support a wide range of hummingbird species. Key areas for hummingbird watching include the Sierra Nevada foothills, coastal regions, and desert oases like the Anza-Borrego Desert State Park.

Texas: With its extensive network of parks, gardens, and wildlife refuges, Texas is a hotspot for hummingbird activity. The Gulf Coast region, particularly areas like High Island and South Padre Island, sees large numbers of migratory hummingbirds.

New Mexico: New Mexico's varied landscapes, from mountains to deserts, offer prime hummingbird habitat. Places like the Sandia Crest in Albuquerque and the Gila Wilderness are known for hummingbird sightings.

Southeastern United States: States like Florida, Georgia, and Louisiana are home to numerous hummingbird species year-round. Coastal habitats, as well as gardens and parks with native plantings, are excellent places to observe these birds.

Pacific Northwest: Oregon and Washington offer opportunities to observe hummingbirds in diverse ecosystems, including coastal areas, forests, and mountain ranges. Places like the Columbia River Gorge and the Olympic Peninsula are popular for birdwatching.

Second, the birds swung their wings backwards to pin them to their bodies. After shooting through the beak, they swept their wings forward. After passing through the circle, they flapped again. As they became braver and more comfortable, all hummingbirds in the study used this method.