Attract More Hummingbirds to a Small Garden

Use Potted Plants in Hummingbird Gardens Pots and containers are great for adding greenery to concrete, asphalt, or wooden surfaces. Deck boxes and tiered plant stands enhance decks and patios, while flower boxes enhance balconies.

Hummingbird-attracting potted flowers and plants are included below. When converted into a "living wall," a house side can become a hummingbird garden. Also consider hanging baskets—large ones accommodate larger prolific bloomers.

More native plants for hummingbirds What you grow in containers matters. “A container garden is a wonderful way to provide more habitat for hummingbirds, particularly if you use native plants

Vertical hummingbird garden In a small yard, you may not see much real estate. But thinking higher opens up practically limitless possibilities. Consider vining.

A purple passionflower near a pergola over a cafe table and chairs may be the greatest area in the house to watch hummingbirds.

Or attach lattice panels to deck railing for seclusion. Then encourage trumpet honeysuckle, another hummingbird favorite, to climb. A pyramid trellis with clematis attracts birds and brightens a dreary yard or patio.

Give Hummingbirds Water and Shelter Hummers are shy like other birds. Despite their brief perches, they like to hide as they fly between hummingbird garden plants and feeders.  

Therefore, choose a little potted conifer bush for a quick respite. Containers may hold several miniature shrubs.