Attention-grabbing mini New Year's Eve desserts

Although classic desserts never go wrong, a New Year's Eve celebration calls for nibbling all night long, so little desserts are the way to go.

Even after a decadent holiday season, most guests will be more interested in that bottle of Champagne than a massive dessert.

Making smaller servings of well-liked sweets is a great way to gain some additional points in these situations.

For the dessert connoisseurs among you who would rather not handle a plate

at the party, we have compiled a list of twenty mouthwatering finger foods.

These little treats are fit for a New Year's Eve bash—or any time you need to satisfy an impulsive sweet tooth.

Pick from two varieties of small cheesecakes, strawberry Santas, hazelnut chocolate truffles, baklava cups, and more.

It goes without saying that a cocktail or two are the perfect accompaniment to any celebratory dish. Toast to the New Year!