Are Hummingbirds Dinosaurs Actually?

Hummingbirds and all birds are dinosaurs. But hummingbirds are the smallest dinosaurs.

All birds originated from the same common ancestor as dinosaurs, making them the closest living descendants. Though not all dinosaurs are connected to birds, all birds are dinosaur descendants.

Hummingbirds and all birds are dinosaur descendants. They diverged from theropod dinosaurs 125 million years ago. By then, some dinosaurs had evolved a bird's body, which grew into birds.

Their ancestry makes birds dinosaurs. Their bone composition, body architecture, and behavior were inherited.

Therapod dinosaurs gave rise to birds. They survived the dinosaur extinction 66 million years ago.

A terrestrial dinosaur became an avian dinosaur. This path led to today's bird species. The average dinosaur weighed 400 pounds and dropped to 2 pounds over 50 million years.

Bird skeletons resemble dinosaurs. These warm-blooded species have evolved over millions of years, and their ancestors likely had feathers like fine hair.

Birds and some dinosaurs have hip sockets with holes for upright walking. The hole and ability to walk upright distinguish dinosaurs from plesiosaurs and pterosaurs.

This lineage's dinosaurs brooded and nestled. The early dinosaur cousins to birds didn't fly, and flight evolved after a bird-like animal existed.