US presidential election 2024: Joe Biden’s Democratic challengers

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President Joe Biden is seeking re-election in 2024, but national polls and declining job approval ratings suggest potential reluctance from voters to endorse his candidacy.

Formally announcing his re-election bid in April at the age of 80, Biden emphasized the pivotal moment in the country, expressing the need for more time to complete his job.

While the Democratic Party’s leaders and donors support him, skepticism persists among many voters who question his candidacy, citing concerns about age, mental acuity, and various challenges on domestic and global fronts.

Despite a decline in overall approval ratings and support among Democrats, Biden is not expected to face a serious contest, as the party is unlikely to schedule primary debates.

Challengers include:

Dean Phillips:

Filed a long-shot bid in October after urging Biden to step aside.

A 54-year-old moderate Democrat and Minnesota Congressman.

Represents a suburban district near Minneapolis.

Emphasizes the need for a new generation of American leaders.

Hired experienced strategists including Jeff Weaver, Zach Graumann, and Steve Schmidt.

Marianne Williamson:

A self-help guru and social justice activist.

Launched her campaign in March.

A 70-year-old best-selling author and former spiritual advisor to Oprah Winfrey.

Advocates for universal government-run healthcare, free childcare, reparations, and a Department of Peace.

  • Engaging with young voters through TikTok but has minimal traction in polls.

Cenk Uygur:

Progressive political commentator and founder of the Young Turks talk show.

Announced his Democratic nomination bid in October.

A 53-year-old with a populist persona.

Faces eligibility challenges as he was born in Turkey.

Plans legal action to challenge constitutional constraints, but officials in some states have barred him from primary ballots.

These challengers represent a broader undercurrent of Democratic discontent, but early indications suggest their entry has not significantly impacted the race.

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