The New Suits Show: Everything We Know About The Spinoff

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Aaron Korsh and NBCUniversal are collaborating on a new installment of Suits, and while details are scant, the excitement surrounding a return to the universe of Harvey, Donna, and Mike is palpable, even if their involvement remains uncertain.

The original drama Suits, spanning from 2011 to 2019, centered on the slick litigator Harvey Specter and his mentee, the college dropout with a photographic memory, Mike Ross, portrayed by Gabriel Macht and Patrick J. Adams.

Although the show achieved success during its original run, it experienced a resurgence when it landed on Netflix in 2023.

Surprisingly, Aaron Korsh’s creation surpassed all expectations, emerging as the most-watched show on the platform, outshining the 2022 hit Wednesday and the Netflix phenomenon Stranger Things.

This unexpected success prompted speculation about the future of Suits and the possibility of a return.

Indeed, later in the same year, confirmation arrived that Aaron Korsh and NBCUniversal were developing a new spinoff within the Suits universe.

Recent Updates on the New Suits Spinoff While many details remain undisclosed, the latest developments reveal that the spinoff has named its first character and unveiled some aspects of the plot.

The new series will be distinct from the original, focusing on entertainment lawyer Erica, based in a high-powered Los Angeles firm.

Described as a “30s, Black, SoCal native, and Harvard law alum,” Erica is aspiring to become the Head of Entertainment.

She excels in client dealings but faces challenges elsewhere, being characterized as “smarter than everyone.”

Though the newly introduced Erica character draws comparisons to Megan Markle’s Rachel Zane from the original series, further distinctions are expected as the spinoff evolves.

Casting for the role of Erica, as well as other characters, remains undisclosed.

Confirmation of the New Suits Spinoff Aaron Korsh’s new Suits spinoff received confirmation in October 2023 (via Deadline).

At that point, the project was in its early developmental stages, with negotiations ongoing between Korsh and NBCUniversal.

Additional details have emerged, including the new setting in Los Angeles.

The Cast of the New Suits Show: Any Returns?

The new Suits show is positioned as a fresh narrative within the Suits world.

Aaron Korsh emphasizes that it is neither a reboot nor the long-anticipated Suits revival.

Given its setting in Los Angeles and its focus on entertainment lawyers, little crossover with the original characters is anticipated.

While not labeled as a reboot, the events in Suits remain part of the canon, ensuring the continued existence of Donna, Mike, and Harvey in the new show’s world.

Although the only confirmed character is Erica, it is unclear whether established characters will play significant roles or make appearances.

Plot Details of Aaron Korsh’s New Suits TV Show Initially shrouded in mystery, the plot of the Suits spinoff has now been unveiled.

It will unfold in the same universe as the original series but will center around an entertainment law firm in Los Angeles.

Erica, the aspiring entertainment division head, is introduced as a key character, and while her role in the series is not yet specified, her journey may mirror that of original characters as she climbs the ranks with her legal acumen.

While much remains unknown about the Suits spinoff, it is evident that it will not be a mere rehash of the original storyline.

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