Teen Mom Alum Kailyn Lowry Reveals She Has Welcomed Twins with Boyfriend Elijah Scott: ‘Our Family Is Complete’

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Kailyn Lowry, the 31-year-old Teen Mom star, has joyfully expanded her family once again!

Lowry and her boyfriend, Elijah Scott, welcomed twins, a son and a daughter, as confirmed on the latest episode of the Barely Famous podcast released on Friday.

The couple’s twins arrived prematurely at 11:36 and 11:40 p.m., respectively, although the exact birth date remains undisclosed.

During the podcast, recorded when the twins were six weeks old, Lowry and Scott shared insights into their experience, including the twins’ birth via C-section and their subsequent stay in the NICU.

Recounting her initial fears about the C-section, Lowry admitted to being terrified, especially as it was an unfamiliar procedure for her.

Despite the apprehension, she acknowledged the necessity due to her son’s breech position.

The reality star also revealed her surprise when Scott couldn’t be present in the delivery room until the last moment, heightening her anxiety.

Lowry, who had her tubes tied after the birth of her youngest daughter, expressed her lack of regret about the decision.

She highlighted the unexpected side effect warnings given to women and confessed she wouldn’t have been upset if another pregnancy had occurred.

The podcast delved into Lowry’s preference for a medication-free birth, expressing discomfort with the post-drug side effects.

She cautioned listeners against overexertion during recovery, sharing a personal incident of accidentally reopening her incision while doing household chores.

Offering her final thoughts on the C-section experience, Lowry, as per notes on her phone, expressed disdain, stating she “hated every minute of it” but mentioned no major complications.

Scott, witnessing Lowry’s struggle, admitted to feeling nervous during the challenging experience.

The newest additions join a blended family, including sons Rio, Creed, and Lux, with ex-partners Chris Lopez and Javi Marroquin, and sons Lincoln and Isaac from previous relationships.

On a recent Barely Famous episode, Lowry disclosed her decision to conclude the “baby-making” phase of her parenting journey, expressing excitement about the complete family and the prospect of newfound privacy.

Apart from being a devoted mom, Lowry continues her podcasting endeavors, hosting Coffee Convos and Baby Mamas No Drama.

Having left the Teen Mom franchise in May 2022, Lowry has been determined to carve her identity beyond reality television, successfully navigating challenges and pursuing her interests beyond the screen.

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