Simone Biles Celebrates Husband Jonathan Owens and His Team Ahead of Playoffs Game

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Simone Biles is joyously supporting her husband Jonathan Owens and his team.

On her Instagram Story this Saturday, the 26-year-old Olympic gold medalist shared her participation in the festivities for Owens and the Green Bay Packers ahead of their first playoff game against the Dallas Cowboys this weekend in Dallas.

Biles initiated her Instagram Story with a picture of her clinking shots with friends, accompanied by a Boomerang labeled Dallas, where she winked while toasting with various drinks.

“Let’s get the weekend started,” she wrote over the first picture.

Another Boomerang featured a woman holding a “Go Pack Go” sign, with sparklers lighting up the background.

Biles also posted a snapshot of another sign reading “Go Pack Go Pt. 2” and a video of her and a friend sharing a drink from their beers with linked arms.

Her Instagram Story concluded with a selfie with friends, seemingly in the venue’s bathroom.

The photo showcased her iPhone case with “Owens” written on it, and her oval-shaped diamond wedding ring set by ZoFrost gleamed on her right finger.

Biles, in Dallas to cheer on her husband, shared preparations for the game, including dressing up their bulldogs, Rambo and Zeus, in matching Green Bay Packers jerseys on Friday.

The dogs were seen posing in the jerseys, with Biles adding text over the image, saying, “the dogs are ready for this weekend” and “GO PACK GO.”

Her celebration for her husband follows her recent revelation that he played a crucial role in creating one of the happiest moments of her life.

In an interview with Vanity Fair published this week, Biles stated that tying the knot with the NFL player even “topped” her experiences at the Olympics.

“I’ve never had so much fun in my life,” she expressed, reflecting on her nuptials.

“I was 19 when I won my first Olympics, and I was like, ‘How am I supposed to top this?’

My wedding topped it.”

Biles explained that the intimate ceremony surrounded by a small gathering of loved ones made it exceptionally special.

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