Ashley Park Reveals She Was Hospitalized After ‘Tonsillitis Spiraled Into Critical Septic Shock’: ‘I’m Healing’

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Ashley Park commenced the new year with a significant health crisis.

Sharing a series of photos on Instagram, the 32-year-old actress revealed her recent hospitalization and intensive care unit stay due to “critical septic shock.”

Reflecting on the initial weeks of 2024, Park expressed gratitude despite the challenging circumstances.

While on holiday in December, a bout of tonsillitis escalated into critical septic shock, impacting multiple organs.

The actress shared her appreciation for the improvement in her health, defying initial expectations.

Septic shock is a severe medical condition characterized by life-threatening low blood pressure and organ failure resulting from sepsis, as explained by the Mayo Clinic.

A source informed PEOPLE that Park was “very sick” but is gradually recovering from the health scare.

In her Instagram post, Park singled out her “Emily in Paris” co-star Paul Forman for his unwavering support during the ordeal.

Though their romantic status remains unconfirmed, Park credited Forman for calming her fears, accompanying her through various medical challenges in foreign hospitals, and providing essential support.

Expressing love and gratitude toward Forman, Park shared photos of them together during her hospital stay.

She also acknowledged the medical professionals and the JoaliBeing team for their immediate response, language translations, and vital assistance.

Despite being in the midst of recovery, Park hesitated to share the news but assured her followers that she is safely on the other side of the worst.

Concluding her post with a message of healing and gratitude, she expressed love for her supporters.

Fans and fellow stars flooded the comments section with well-wishes, with Michael Urie and Natasha Bedingfield offering words of support.

Lily Collins, Park’s co-star from “Emily in Paris,” shared her emotional response, expressing love for her sister and gratitude for Forman’s significant role in supporting Park through the challenging journey.

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