Bernie (Garland) Peer For Selectman

Bernie (Garland) Peer for Selectman
Submitted 2-28-17

Raymond residents, my name is Bernie (Garland) Peer. I am asking for your vote for a three year term to the Board of Selectman.

Just over 19 years ago, my wife and I moved here to raise a family. When considering the town we looked at a variety of things. Rural area, schools, location, access to surrounding attractions, and tax value. We found a vibrant growing community that we thought would suit our needs. While raising our family I was involved in Scouting and sports in the community.

As our child moved onto higher education, I found myself getting more interested in town government after being encouraged to join the Conservation Commission, because of my love of nature and my outdoor recreational activities. This lead to other community involvement.

I have served on the Conservation Commission as Vice Chair, Planning Board, and the CIP. Over the years I have attended many law lectures and conferences pertaining to town government which have prepared me for the next step.

Bernie Peer

I wish to serve the community in a positive constructive manner.

Keeping government open and transparent to the local community should be our highest priority.

When you go to the polls on March 14 th you will be voting for your future. It is important that Raymond maintain its rural character, and tax value while moving forward and keeping our town current with the changing times.

Finding new innovative ways to help stimulate tax base growth which will help to keep our tax rate at a manageable level. I have proven through involvement and participation my willingness to give the town my fullest attention, dedication and commitment.

When attending the polls on March 14th please consider me for your Selectman.