Thank You Jennifer Dube

Oct. 15, 2018

To my neighbors in Raymond,

A year and a half ago, Jennifer Dube rekindled the Raymond Democratic
Committee. Of course, we all know Raymond is a conservative town. But
nonetheless, Jennifer wanted to create a space for Raymond Democrats
to call home.

Under Jennifer’s leadership, the Raymond Democrats had monthly meetings at the Tucker Lodge - often with guest speakers ranging from issue experts to candidates. More than that, Jennifer empowered individual people to give their time and talents, and she helped people discover talents and ways of contributing they didn’t know they had. She engaged people to knock on doors and make phone calls.

She helped connect the Raymond Democrats to local charitable organizations, like End 68 Hours Of Hunger, to help members come together to give back. She organized a successful Conversations with the Candidates event at the Raymond Town Fair this past summer. She started a Facebook page, email lists, and other ways of connecting members to each other and to the community.

Earlier this month, after a year and a half as chair of the Raymond Democrats, Jennifer stepped down, leaving the committee in a strong position to continue growing and organizing. The committee elected me, Nate Bernitz, as its new chair.

I’m writing this letter not only to publicly thank Jennifer for the work she’s done, but to introduce myself and my vision for the Raymond Democrats.

I cherish and respect what makes Raymond the town we know and love. We value responsibility, hard work, and freedom. We also value good schools for our kids. We value bringing good jobs to our surrounding communities. We want good tax value, because we’re willing to pay what we need to, within reason, but we don’t want it to go to waste. We want to fix our infrastructure, including telecommunications and broadband. We want to keep the rural character of our community and state. We want all our neighbors to be able to get and receive healthcare they can afford. We want healthy forests, clean air to breath, and good water to drink. We want a safe community, and we support our local law enforcement and firefighters. We want to have full confidence in our local and state government, and we want representatives in Concord and town hall who are going to advocate for transparency, accountability, fiscal responsibility, and forward thinking.

For me, the issue that’s most important is campaign finance reform, because the only people the system is working for now are lobbyists, companies that can afford lobbyists, and the people who can afford to make big dollar contributions to campaigns. That’s not right, and we’ll never be able to fix Concord, let alone fix the mess in DC, if we don’t get the dark money out of our politics.

As much as national politics may at times drive us apart, our love for this community and the shared values we have are stronger than that. We’re far more alike than either side would like us to believe.

If you’re skeptical, I don’t blame you. We’ve been divided, and every day it gets a little worse. These days, we hear more about winning than governing. If you read or watch the news, you probably feel it just like I do - whether you identify as Republican, Independent, Libertarian, or Democrat.

But as the new chair of the Raymond Democrats, I want to try and walk a fine line. Yes, I do believe that Democrats in Concord are advocating for policies that are good for New Hampshire, and good for Raymond. I’d like to see Raymond send a Democrat to Concord for a change. But I believe in respect for other people’s ideas and perspectives, and to me that’s most important.

I look forward to meeting you or hearing from you with your feedback on this letter. You can email the Raymond Democrats at, or find us on Facebook or Twitter.

In service,

Nate Bernitz
Chair, Raymond Democrats























"He that loseth his honesty hath nothing else to lose."
~ John Lyly ~

"Any man, more right than  his neighbor, constitutes a majority of one." 
-- Henry David Thoreau