Letter to the Editor

Stop Coyote Hunting When They Have Pups -   3-12-19

Dear Editor,

Please contact your NH Representatives and ask them to support HB 442. This legislation will close coyote hunting during the months of April 1 until August 31 while coyotes are raising their pups. Coyotes are the most persecuted of any wild animal and to give them this respite from hunting while they are feeding and training their young is the decent thing to do.

Coyotes are the only furbearer in NH hunted year-round. They are also trapped, night hunted, baited, and there are no limits as to how many may be killed. There are even coyote killing contests where prizes are given for the most coyotes killed, or the biggest or the smallest.

Much of this total disregard for the life of the coyote stems from antiquated beliefs that predators pose a danger to us and serve no particular purpose. But today the NH Fish and Game Department states on its website, “as for your safety, coyotes pose little risk to people.” Today we know that predators are needed to keep our ecosystem healthy. A coyote’s diet is 62 percent rodent.

Coyotes mate for life and both parents are needed to feed and train. Killing the parents leaves the young more vulnerable to starvation and predation. Orphaned young predators are the ones most likely to get into trouble with humans. It is not only inhumane to deprive young animals of their parents, it is not sound management.

HB 442 will be voted on in the NH House March 20 at the earliest. NH’s wildlife belongs to everyone in NH and the legislature has the authority to make laws to benefit our wildlife. Visit the Voices of Wildlife in NH website for more information.
*Linda Dionne, president*
*Voices of Wildlife in NH (VOW)*
*PO Box 5802*
*Manchester, NH 03108*


VOW is a registered NH non-profit 501(c)(4), works to protect NH's wildlife by advocating for legislation and regulations and conducts research into elected official's positions and voting records regarding these issues and to publicize those results.

































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