Letter to the Editor

New Hampshire SB-61 "Right to Work" Will Harm Our Wages
Submitted by IBEW Local 104 Raymond     3-17-21

Dear Editor,

The facts don’t lie: “right to work” will harm our wages, workplace protections, and more.

For decades, New Hampshire lawmakers, union leaders, workers, economists and more have worked tirelessly to make the Granite State a national leader in education, opportunity, fiscal stability and more.

Now out-of-state corporate interests are pushing a bill through the New Hampshire legislature that aims to undo everything we and the generations before us have worked so hard to build. SB-61 is a bill that aims to make New Hampshire the first “right to work” state in New England.

The house of representatives will hold a hearing on March 25, 2021. The thing is, “right to work” does not ensure rights nor work. Instead, it weakens our ability to stand together with our coworkers to negotiate for things like retirement security, workplace safety and better benefits on the job. “Right to work” is a false promise that will lead to economic disaster, full stop.

The proof is in the facts: On average, a worker in a “right to work” state makes $8,497 less per year than workers in New Hampshire. The poverty rate in “right to work” states is a staggering 11.2%, compared to New Hampshire’s 3.7%. And perhaps what’s most terrifying is that the risk of workplace death is an unbelievable 227% more likely in “right to work” states than in New Hampshire.

Our workers have sacrificed so much—and many have died—to keep our economy going throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. The fact that this bill will make workplaces even more unsafe is a slap in the face to the essential workers our lawmakers tout as “heroes.” This isn’t how you treat a hero. This isn’t how you treat your worst enemy. Let’s make sure our lawmakers vote NO on SB-61.


Raymond Residents and IBEW 104 Members Todd Crane, Colin Davies, Rich Davis, Rick Forsythe, David Glidden, Dan Glidden, Pat Harrison, Troy Higgins, Ken Judson, Derek Martin, Jim Philbrick, George Plante, Jeff Reed, David Rousseau, Keith Rousseau




























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