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New Hampshires SB-61 "Right To Work" Will Harm Our Wages

Editorial - Clean Water, Wetland Setbacks and Floods Seem to Raise People's Hackles in Raymond

Community Volunteers and Residents Depend On RCTV

Resident Requests Selectmen to Approve RCTV Server

Editorial - Just Wear a Facemask

Please Reconsider Decision On RCTV Playback Server

Don't Let RCTV Go Dark

Do Raymond Residents Want RCTV to Continue?

*********************     2020 Letters     *********************

Covid19 Stipends for First Responders

*********************     2019 Letters     *********************

A Walk in the Forest Can Calm You Down

Editorial - What? No Trunk or Treat This Year? Oh My!

Elementary School Building Committee Again

Granite Bridge Threatens Environment

Stop Coyote Hunting When They Have Pups

*********************     2018 Letters     *********************

Complaint Against the Raymond Zoning Board of Adjustment

Thank You to Raymond's Great Volunteers

Editorial - Development in Raymond Gets Very Emotional

Animal Trapping is Cruelty

Editorial - Businesses Aplenty in Raymond.

Editorial - What’s Great About Living in Raymond?

Thank You to Nicole Kissane

Move Fourth Graders out of Portables into Lamprey River Elementary School

For NH Electric Co-op Members

Editorial - It Is the Board or Committee's Meeting, Not the Public's

Legality VS Ethics in the Creation of a Town Default Budget

Write-In Ken Hajjar for Ethics Committee

John Beauvilliers for Planning Board

Raymond School District 2018 Warrant Articles for Voters’ Consideration

Empowered Women Empower Women

Editorial - When the White Stuff Falls, it Makes People Drive Crazy

Thank You From Debbie Colgan

*********************     2017 Letters     *********************

Editorial - Get Your Facts Straight

Editorial - Is Raymond Corrupt? Don’t Listen to Rumors.

Bernie Garland Peer for Selectman in Raymond

Jack Barnes for Selectman in Raymond

Robin Jordan for Selectman for the Town of Raymond

Raymond Conservation Commission Asks Voters to Support Article 34

"Keep Raymond Rural" Forms to Fight New Condo Development

Raymond School Board Letter on Warrant Articles & Deliberative for 2017

Raymond Superintendent's Letter on School Warrant Articles for 2017

*********************    2016 Letters    *********************

Letter of Congratulations and Thank You From Joseph Saulnier

Re-Elect Carolyn Matthews for State Representative, Raymond

Richard Rousseau for State Representative, Raymond

Save NH Bobcats

Is Pinard Waste the Right Business for Raymond?

*********************     2015 Letters     *********************

There Is Something Everyone Can Do!

Editorial - Raymond Conservation Chairman Lori O'Connor Needs To Act Like A Chairman

Don’t Let Big Money Control Your Health

Editorial - Raymond Selectmen Need to Take Action on Conservation Commission

Editorial - Raymond Conservation Commissioners Ignore the Will of the People

Enjoy Your Local Parks

Editorial - Is It Forgetfulness Or Ignorance?

Thank You For Voting Raymond Residents

Where Was The Town Manager?

Raymond Selectman Hoitt Proposes $42K Increase to CIP

Thank You Municipal and State Workers

Raymond School District Budget Requests for 2015-2016

2015 Raymond School Warrant Articles & Deliberative

Raymond Conservation Commissioners Should Educate Themselves

Editorial - 10 Years of Opposition To Conservation in Raymond

Concerns About the Conservation Commission Meeting on Jan. 14, 2015





































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