Letter to Town Manager and Board of Selectmen about RCTV

If RCTV Goes Down, We Can Not Provide the News

Hello Town Manager Joe Ilsley and Raymond Board of Selectmen,

Happy New Year and I hope all of you and your families are staying healthy !!

I am not sure if you read the articles and or letters that we publish on Raymond Area News or not, but we received a couple letters to the editor regarding the RCTV playback server.

I want to make it clear to you that Raymond Area News does not get paid or make any money from all of the municipal and school articles that we write and post. Nor do we get paid from clicks on our pages. The only income we have is directly from our advertisers.

Basically the articles are written as a courtesy to the residents who can not attend the meetings or zoom in or sit and watch an entire meeting. So with that said, if the RCTV computer fails and meetings are no longer visible on video, then the meeting articles will stop.

They will stop because the reporter can not attend or watch 3 meetings happening in three different towns simultaneously. 24 articles were written in October covering 4 towns, with 8 of those articles from Raymond. There is no way anyone can physically attend all of those meetings, so without RCTV videos, nothing will be covered by RAN in Raymond.

So hopefully the selectmen understand the importance of RCTV videos and the work the Cable Committee does providing open communication and transparency to our residents and Raymond Area News.

Thanks for reading this and have a great year.

Cheryl Killam, Owner
   Raymond Area News











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