Letter to the Editor

Do Raymond Residents Want RCTV To Continue?

Submitted by Kevin Woods     1-4-21

To friends and fellow Raymond residents,   

I am writing this as a resident and not as a Raymond Community Television (RCTV) Cable Committee member.  

The Board of Selectmen have denied the Cable Committee's request to purchase a replacement playback server. This device controls what goes on the air for Channels 13 & 22, live streaming, and on-demand streaming. It also runs the Bulletin Board. The only reason given was, "It is still working, you do not need to replace it".  

The money is already in the Cable Reserve fund approved by voters in 2014 with Warrant Article 15, see below. There are no increased costs to Cable subscribers. All RCTV funding comes from Cable TV subscribers only.  No additional taxes are used.

This device is 15+ years old and experiencing intermittent problems. Some will say that the Cable committee is using "scare tactics" to purchase the Server when they say that if it fails, they may not be able to air Board meetings, public hearings, and upcoming Deliberative sessions. 

If a mechanic tells you that your tires are bad, do you wait for one to blow to replace it?  Not likely.

The Cable committee has no way of knowing when the equipment will fail. They have based the request on knowledge of the equipment and a combined 80 years of experience. If it fails, RCTV is off the air for some undetermined amount of time.

What can you do? I know most of you are not big writers, but if you believe that RCTV's coverage of Board and Committee meetings, Public Hearings, and Deliberative sessions is important; whether you watch them on channel 22, on streaming, or later on-demand; then I sincerely ask that you take a few minutes to contact the Board of Selectmen and ask them to approve the Cable Committee's request to purchase this equipment. It does not have to be long. Please do not wait for someone else to do it. Believe it or not some of them do listen to residents.

I believe that RCTV is a valuable source of local information and one of the few ways residents have to keep in touch with board & committee happenings. RCTV has been run for 25 years predominantly by volunteers and is important to residents. 

Thank you for your support. If you have any questions or concerns, please email or call me.

Thank you,
Kevin Woods
25 Nancy Lane

For your convenience here is the list of Selectmen and their emails.

Scott Campbell - dcampbell@raymondnh.gov

Kathy Hoelzel -  khoelzel@raymondnh.gov

George Plante - gplante@raymondnh.gov

Chris Long - clong@raymondnh.gov

Jack Barnes - dintonti@raymondnh.gov

Jack Barnes is the only one who publishes his phone number at 895-9352, and he will take your calls. Jack Barnes does not receive email directly, they need to go to Deborah Intonti's email address above.  


2014 Warrant Article 15 - Establish Cable TV Revolving Fund.

Shall the Town of Raymond vote to establish a revolving fund pursuant to RSA 311:95-h, for the purpose of funding the Raymond Community Television related costs and to enable purchase of cable TV equipment , as may be approved from time to time by the governing board, and to raise and appropriate from the Town's unreserved fund balance the amount of Thirty-seven Thousand One Hundred Eleven Dollars, ($37,111) for depost into said revolving fund? All revenues received from cable TV Franchise Fees will be deposited into the fund, and the money in the fund shall be allowed to accumulate from year to year, and shall not be considered part of the town's general fund balance. The town treasurer shall have custody of all moneys in the fund, and shall pay out the same only upon order of the governing body and no further approval is required by the legislative body to expend. Such Funds may be expended only for the purpose for which the fund was created. If this article and Warrant Article 14 pass ( Article 14 - Rescind Cable TV Special Revenue Fund $37,111 to transfer monies into Cable TV Revolving Fund, YES - 482 NO - 358) then Warrant Article 16 is null and void.
Recommended by the Board of Selectmen, Recommended by the Budget Committee.

YES - 484       NO - 355

























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