Letter to the Editor

"Concerned About Our Kids Health in Hampstead"
Submitted by Jim Sweeney     9-01-21

Dear Editor,

I’m not even sure where to start. 

I am totally disappointed in all of the members of the Hampstead School Board and Superintendent Thompson.  

I guess where I can start is that the ‘experts /doctors’ have spoken…


But just like sharpie gate…one flick of the pen or stroke of the keyboard can alter reality.

The HSB and Bob Thompson have altered a NH DHHS chart that calls for masks so they can find a middle ground.  A middle ground for a pandemic where over 633,000 Americans have died because of COVID 19.  A middle ground where a local preschool ( Hazel Drive Kids) is currently having a serious outbreak of Covid.  Our little Hampstead doesn’t need masks I heard.  I have news for you,  we do not live in a bubble.   Most of us travel and work all over New England.   To even mention “but the transmission rate is low in Hampstead” is like having your head in the sand. 

Hampstead altered the below chart and changed the top right column to targeted from universal.   Just imagine for one second , for example, the school got the air tested in the schools and the results showed the air quality as being dangerous for the kids and staff  and they decided to change the test data so magically the data is now safe.   The town would have their heads.   All I can say is that the Hampstead School District should inform their legal counsel and insurance carrier  that they have just increased their chances of future financial liability because of their reckless actions.  I really hate to say it, but it almost seams criminal.  This is really medical advice and recommendations we are talking about and to have that advice given to you six ways from Sunday and say “No” and alter it..just ludacris.

Face Coverings: The Hampstead School Board has adopted the following Decision-Making Matrix when determining the need for universal vs optional face coverings in the educational facility for all idividuals including staff, students, visitors and vendors.


More than one schoolboard member said they were not a doctor or an expert, so why didn’t they listen to them????  One school board member said “ we can’t let our beliefs or values..because we are not all doctors…to effect us.  Sorry!  I think you did.   It really boggles my mind that the CDC, AAP, NHHS and the Superintendent  (that they just hired) all recommended going back to school with masks and this School Board says NO.   It just defies logic and all understanding of what has happened and what is happening.   

Mr Thompson, you are the Superintendent.  You made a recommendation and you backed down from it without any fight.   Allowing those 5 to change the DHHS matrix is your first failure in this district.  I truly hope it is your last and you can realize that you are one that was chosen to lead this district , not be led. 

So what do we have…a compromise…lets see how many kids get sick and then we go to masks.  There is 100% zero logic in that.  The vaccine for this age group is right around the corner.  We have come so far and quit right before the goal.   One school board member said nothing about the masks at all and another liked the original plan, but all 5 voted unanimously to alter the DHHS chart to alter the facts. Safety first, not in Hampstead!!  School is about the kids and you sure did not put the kids first in this decision. 

Jim Sweeney, Hampstead













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