Letter to the Editor

Granite Bridge Threatens Environment -   3-12-19

To the editor:

With the Granite Bridge project currently trying to build a 27 mile fracked
gas pipeline through southern New Hampshire, now is the time to consider
what we want the future of our region’s energy sources to look like.

As a teenager living in this region and facing a future threatened by climate change, I am very concerned that this project aims to increase our reliance on fossil fuels rather than moving towards cleaner, renewable energy sources. To me, this project presents another sign that some of the adults in power are not working hard enough to be able to hand a livable world down to the next generation. It is frustrating to see us moving backwards or standing still instead of making progress towards becoming a more sustainable society.

In addition to its other negative environmental and economic impacts, more
information can be found at https://350nh.org/resistgranitebridge/,
http://www.plan-ne.org, or https://www.echoaction.org/granite-bridge

This pipeline is a step in the wrong direction when it comes to fighting climate change. Towns across the affected region have been voicing their opposition to the project.

If there is a vote in your town concerning this project, voting against the pipeline may be a step towards using less fossil fuels and preserving our irreplaceable natural resources.
- Zoe Pavlik, Durham, NH






































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