Letter to the Editor

Empowered Women Empower Women
Submitted by Jennifer Dube, Chair Raymond Democratic Committee - 1-26-18

The saga involving organizers of the Portsmouth Women’s March, held on Saturday Jan. 20, of inviting, then disinviting, then re-inviting Congressional candidate Mindi Messmer to speak only serves to shine a spotlight on exactly what women have been forced to endure for years. When I first learned Friday evening that Mindi had been disinvited from speaking, I was compelled to e-mail the Rockingham County Democrats expressing my outrage at the turn of events by calling out the male rival who complained about not being invited to speak at the Women’s March. To think organizers of a Women’s March would kowtow to any man implying he is being treated unfairlybecause a woman is being given a platform to speak about the work she is doing in the community as an environmental scientist is appalling. For far too long women’s voices have been silenced while men have been afforded every opportunity to speak and be heard. As Mindi said, "We hear from men all the time. This is time for women. Let us speak."

I feel strongly that women must stick up for each other and speak out to empower one another, using whatever platform we have to do it. When women have a voice and use their voice, they get things done. When women get elected to Congress, they change the conversation, prioritizing issues that have a direct impact upon women and their families. On average, districts represented by women have more federal money directed to them than do those represented by men. Right now, women make up only twenty percent of Congress. Men outnumber women four to one, yet women make up the majority of the US population. We need more women in the House and Senate representing us.

As a woman, I am committed to doing my part to ensure that we have a voice and that we are not silenced. By speaking up and calling out the intimidation tactics used to prevent Mindi from speaking at the Portsmouth Women’s March, I drew attention to the issue and others came to her defense as well. In the end, the result was better than we could have imagined because Mindi was given a platform to speak in both the Concord and Portsmouth Women’s Marches about issues important to women that effect the communities she’s been a part of for so many years. I never dreamed that my one e-mail would have such an impact.

I encourage women to use their voice and speak up to lift women up. Don’t assume someone else will do it. Instead, assume that others will amplify your message because they will. Empowered women empower women.

Whether it be a town position or state representative or some other office, I encourage women to run for something.

Not sure where to start? Visit websites such as She Should Run , Emily’s List , Emerge America , and Run for Office for more help.







































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