Letter to the Editor

Animal Trapping is Cruelty -   8-22-18

On August 24th and 25th an animal cruelty rendezvous is coming to Belmont.  The NH Trappers Association is holding an event at the Belknap County Fairgrounds that will show children how to trap wild animals with body gripping traps, how to take their life and how to tear their skin off for fur.  Today in NH you can bludgeon, drown, suffocate and shoot wild animals that you trap just as a recreational hobby. There is no money in fur anymore, nobody really wears it (not even the trappers), and they don’t even eat the animals.  They are having a domestic pig roast and a spaghetti dinner at this rendezvous.



People need to understand the reality of what animal trapping is, not the song and dance trappers put out about it. Trapping is not conservation, it is a thrill-killing hobby and it doesn’t take much research to find out just how much NH trappers enjoy taking life.  They liken the feelings of checking their traps to being a “kid on Christmas morning”, they create posts stating how they “live to trap”, and they gleefully post pictures of themselves grinning next to an animal in a trap right before they kill him or her. One licensed and regulated NH trapper says he “uses a bat so there is no hole in the hide”.  Think about it, using a baseball bat to beat an animal to death for no valid reason other than because you like to!



NH trappers and NH Fish & Game are so concerned with an evolving compassionate society that is questioning their antiquated and cruel trapping traditions, that they are blind to the cruelty they inflict.  All they care about is being able to trap and do not care that the majority of the population is disgusted by the wanton killing and torture of wildlife. Instead of attending this rendezvous and animal torture camp, I recommend taking your child for a walk in the woods and teaching them compassion and to appreciate nature.   Let’s all join together and put an end to this horrific NH pastime.

Kristina Snyder, Chester, NH






































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