When the White Stuff Falls, it Makes People Drive Crazy
 By Cheryl Killam  12-22-17

I witnessed a little red car cut across in front of a tractor trailer truck on route 93 north to get into the right hand exit lanes for route 101 east. Then at the point where the left hand lanes end, dropping from 3 lanes down to 2 lanes, the same little red car drove down the left hand breakdown lane to get in front of the pickup truck that was driving in the left lane passing another car and trying to merge into the right hand lane. He is so lucky the truck did not drive him into the median.

Do they still teach new drivers that the driving lane is the right hand side and the left side is the passing lane? I really hope they haven’t changed it and did not tell some of us.

It amazes me when I see people drive so close and climb up the rear end of vehicles where they would be in the rear trunk if the car in front of them has to hit the brakes.

Why do some people wait to the last minute to move to the right, for the upcoming exit, and cut off a car that has been patiently driving in line, by squeezing into the braking space of that car because they have to get off RIGHT NOW.

Then there are the drivers who need to be in the lead as the Speed Control Police and they just sit in the left lane. They sit just about a half car length ahead of the car beside them in the right lane and everyone is lining up behind them waiting to be able to pass, because they are probably running late.

But, when someone tries to pass them on the right, because eventually there is no one there, and they should have moved over to the right lane, they speed up because they do not want you getting in front of them.

Don’t you just have some choice words for the left hand leader who gets out in front and pulls over to the right lane only to then slow way down.

When small cars are fishtailing on the road and then drive real slow or have slipped off the road into the median, it makes me want to scream, “Folks, it’s New Hampshire and it snows here in the winter, get some snow tires on your car so you can stay on the road !!!“

Just because you are driving a large SUV with 4 wheel drive through thick snow or on ice, it doesn’t mean that you are invincible. Many 4WD vehicles have spun out and ended up on their roofs or down in the median too.

How scary is it to have sheets of hard snow come flying off the roof of the vehicle in front of you and there is no place for you to go left or right and all you can do is pray it doesn’t smash your windshield?

The law in New Hampshire that requires motorists to remove snow and ice from their vehicles is RSA 265:79-b: Negligent Driving, sometimes called "Jessica's Law." was passed by the New Hampshire legislature in 2001 (and later amended in 2005) in response to the death of Jessica Smith, a 20 year old woman who was killed when ice flew off the top of a truck and hit a second truck, resulting in a head-on collision with Jessica's car.

Don't be the person who causes this to happen behind you.

broken windshield from ice



Please be considerate and clean ALL the snow off your vehicles before hitting the road.

It’s the holiday season and it seems that people become extremely impatient, road rage becomes rampant, manners disappear and rudeness reigns.

Waiting a few more seconds on the road, to let the crazy driver win, just might prevent an accident.

More importantly, please drive safely like you want to live longer than just today.

   Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to everyone.






































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