Just Wear a Facemask

 By Cheryl Killam   1-5-21

We went from living our daily lives in 2019 without much of a concern, to some very extreme changes and major inconveniences in 2020 from Covid-19 :

- stay-at-home orders that have kept millions out of work.

- many if not most needed to apply for unemployment to pay bills and for food assistance.

- no more going to workout centers, restaurants, sporting events, or friend’s houses for indoor parties.

- kids are not going to school and parents have learned to home-school while college students are studying and submitting work 100% online.

- no more traveling for huge family holiday, birthday, graduations, or wedding celebrations.

- stocking up on toilet paper, personal care products, paper towels, anti-biotic wipes, hand sanitizer, canned and dry food items among other things.

With all of that, people still refuse to wear those “stupid masks” despite the extreme amount of danger it puts on other people with the continued spread of Covid-19, and  the fact there have been more than 353,000 deaths in the USA associated with the virus.

 While some have not lost anyone; others have lost one, three and even an entire family.  Those facts are simply devastating and should make people feel some compassion to comply.   

Yes, having to wear a facemask is a huge inconvenience and disruption to our daily lives, but unless you have a serious and honest medical reason for not wearing one, then and only then should you be exempt.  In that case, if you can’t stay home and must go out,  hopefully you are willing and able to maintain the minimum 6 foot distancing.

If you do not have a medical reason and still refuse to wear a facemask its simply selfish, self-centered, defiant, and a huge lack of consideration for others.  Especially to those who are in the high-risk of infection category from age, immune deficiency, diabetes or other medical condition.

 Many hide behind “it’s too much government oversight” and “it’s my right to refuse to wear one”, OK, sure hope you don't catch it.    

If you caught Covid-19  from someone else not wearing a facemask, you can be asymptomatic,  without any signs of the virus and be a spreader not even knowing it, so refusing to wear a facemask is just unacceptable.  And wearing only half the facemask on your chin without covering your nose is useless.  Your nose holes are connected to your mouth and throat holes and viruses love warm tunnels to move thru to reach your lungs.  

It is proven that wearing a facemask works in stopping the spread. All you need to do is talk to all the front-line doctors, nurses and caregivers who have worn them daily for hours on end in their health-related jobs. Kudos to all those first responders, police, fire, and emergency medical technicians, teachers and other essential personnel.

I personally know medical personnel, nursing home caregivers, retail and restaurant workers and even some elderly people, some who have “possibly been exposed” but successfully avoided catching it because they wear facemasks.  

Wearing a facemask to stop the spread of Covid-19 will not kill you but NOT wearing one may very well kill some else; your mother, father, aunt, uncle, grandparents, brother, sister, in-laws; or even your own children. The numbers in New Hampshire keep increasing.

How those facts alone are not enough to change people’s behavior to do the right thing is astonishing.

Do you want your kids to return to school and stay healthy? Do you want to be able to go out to eat safely? Do you want to go back to football, hockey, baseball and other sporting games? Do you want to get together with all of your family? Do you want the Covid-19 Pandemic to go away?

It’s easy, just wear a facemask to stop the spread of Covid-19 and protect your fellow mankind.




































"Never believe that a few caring people can’t change the world.
For, indeed, that’s all who ever have."
~ Margaret Mead ~

If you are not willing to learn,
No one can help you.
If you are determined to learn,
No one can stop you.
~ Zig Ziglar ~

Develop an attitude of Gratitude !!
Gratitude makes sense of our past, brings peace for today, and creates a vision for tomorrow.

~ Melody Beattie ~