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Raymond's Alex Binette Earns His Eagle Scout Designation
By Penny Williams 11-12-14

A Raymond High School senior has earned his Eagle Scout designation. His project, like all Eagle Scout projects, reflects the scout’s commitment to the community and to providing a service or filling a need.

Alex Binette, 18, a member of Raymond Troop 101, decided that the Iber Holmes Gove Middle School soccer field needed new bleachers so parents and friends could enjoy watching soccer games. He set about putting his project details together and with the help of friends, family, and fellow scouts got the job done

Michele Forrestall was Binette’s Eagle coach. “Alex Binette completed all 21 merit badges and completed his project,” she said. “He was awarded his Eagle Rank at his Eagle Board of Review.”

Binette said the bleachers at the field had fallen into disrepair and were unsafe.

“I wanted to replace the bleachers so that it would make it easier and safer for the community to watch soccer games,” he said. “The seats that were there were wooden and were in bad shape. I ordered metal bleachers, three rows high, and had the pieces shipped to the field and assembled them there.”

He said local contractor Greg Bemis helped by using his tractor to do the digging that was needed.

The cost of the bleachers was approximately $1,500, Alex said. He raised the money by going to businesses such as Tuckaway Tavern, and groups like the American Legion to seek contributions for the project. He said businesses were very cooperative and he was able to raise the entire amount.

“I started the fund raising effort almost a year ago,” he said. “I finished and had all the money by September of this year. Once the bleachers came, Mr. Bemis dug out the area and some of the other scouts and leaders and my family helped me get them put together and set up. My Eagle coach, Mrs. Forrestall, was a big help too.”

Binette started in scouting when he was in the first grade.

“Scouting has made me a better person by giving me the opportunity to help other people,” he said. “The most important thing I have learned is that sometimes things don’t go the way you want them to go but you have to stay with it and go on and finish.”

The stands are now in place and Alex said he has had many people tell him they like them and appreciate having the new bleachers.

“I had a lot of help with my Eagle Scout project and it took a lot of time, somewhere between 80 and 100 hours total,” he said. “I am a senior in high school and work a lot of hours at Market Basket but I was still able to get it finished.”

Having his Eagle Scout designation makes Binette and his parents proud, he said. He is the son of Kim and Stephen Binette.

Bemis, who helped him with the bleacher installation, called him “a fine young man.

“Alex was in charge of his project all the way and it took lots of time to finish,” Bemis said. “We worked into well after dark getting them set up using the lights of my truck, but he was entirely committed and I was impressed with how hard he worked. He learned a lot but even in the face of difficulty, he persevered and finished the project. He’s a fine young man and he stayed in control of the project from start to finish, and I commend him for it.”























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