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Raymond Cub Scout Troop Welcomes Two New Webelos

Raymond Boy Scouts of Troop 101 Competed in the Klondike Derby at Camp Carpenter

Court of Honor Recognizes Brandon Zahler's Eagle Scout Achievement

Brandon Zahler Achieves Eagle Scout Designation

Raymond's Alex Binette Earns His Eagle Scout Designation

Raymond Scouting History Information Sought for 250th Anniversary Week

Ice Fishing Derby Held by Troop 3 
Submitted by Jonathan McCosh   3-25-14

Boy Scout Troop 3 of Raymond held an ice fishing derby at Onway Lake in Raymond on Saturday, March 15th during a camping trip at Zion’s Camp in Raymond. The camp is located on Onway Lake Road and is operated by the Church of Jesus Christ of Later Day Saints.

The day began with Chris Columbus of Litchfield, brother of Assistant Scoutmaster Charlene Columbus, providing instruction to the scouts on ice fishing and teaching them how to use the various equipment.  The scouts then competed for five hours starting at 10:00AM to try to catch the largest fish.

 The majority of the fish were released after being caught.  The weather was favorable, being sunny and in the thirties.



Thomas Huguet with the winning pickerel.  

The scout who caught the winning fish was Thomas Huguet of Raymond with a 16-inch pickerel.  The runners up were Justin Shubelka of Deerfield with a yellow perch, Joshua Ryan of Hampton with a horned pout and Alex St. Germaine of Raymond with a yellow perch.

 A campfire was made in the fire pit along the shore at Zion’s Camp and the participants enjoyed a Dutch oven chicken stew for lunch.  Several scouts were able to complete requirements for both their Fishing and Cooking Merit Badges.



Justin Shubelka holding his yellow perch. 

Boy Scout Troop 3 meets on Wednesday evenings at the Congregational Church of Raymond.  The troop has an active outdoor program that includes monthly camping trips.  Upcoming camp-out activities include rifle-shooting in April, a District Camporee in May and a White Mountains hike and climb in June. In August the troop will spend a week at the Griswold Scout Reservation in the New Hampshire Lakes Region.

The troop is actively recruiting new scouts.  Any boy Grade 5 and higher is welcome to join.  If these activities sound like fun please feel free to visit the troop on any Wednesday night between 7:00 and 8:30PM or contact Scoutmaster Jon McCosh at 603-895-1108. 


Troop 3 Relaxing in the cabin - pictured left to right: Anthony Dickerson, Thomas Huguet, J.J. McCosh and Assistant Scoutmaster Doug Dickerson

Boy Scout Troop 101 Honors Veterans - Raymond
Submitted by Marc Vadeboncoeur - 11-12-13

BSA Troop 101, based in Raymond, NH honored veterans at two separate events this past weekend.


On Sunday, November 10, 2013, Troop 101 scouts and leaders operated a fundraiser at Tractor Supply Co., located in nearby Brentwood, to raise money for an anticipated “high adventure” outing tentatively scheduled for 2015.


Scouts cooked and sold hamburgers, hot dogs, and related hot food items and drinks and offered a special discounts a free meal to all veterans who stopped by.


In addition, the scouts also encouraged visitors to the location to sign a
giant “Thank You” card for veterans, which was presented at the Veterans Day ceremonies held the following day at the Raymond town common.



The Boy Scouts of America offer a variety of high adventure camping trips which can include white water rafting, hiking, ocean sciences, and much more. The troop has not yet decided on which camp to attend and is in the process of researching locations and their related costs.

For more information about Boy Scouts of America Troop 101in Raymond, contact Marc Vadeboncoeur by phone at 603-560-7839 or email:

BSA Troop 3 at the National Boy Scout Jamboree
Submitted by Jonathan McCosh - 8-30-13

The Boy Scouts of America holds a National Boy Scout Jamboree every four years.  Since 1981 these had been held at Fort A.P. Hill in Virginia, but starting with this summer's 2013 BSA Jamboree, they will now be held at a new permanent location.   The site is the 10,600 acre Summit Bechtel Scout Reserve in Mount Hope, West Virginia, which is adjacent to the federally managed New Rivers Gorge and River.  The Appalachian Mountain location will serve as a High Adventure Base between Jamborees and provide for many outdoor activities including canoe and kayak trips, whitewater rafting, mountain biking, zip-lines and rock climbing. 

Troop 3 at the Jamboree entrance way.  Left to right are Front Row: Scoutmaster Jonathan McCosh, Justin Shubelka, Assistant Scoutmaster Doug Dickerson.  Middle row: Alex St. Germaine, J.J. McCosh, Thomas Huguet, Ian Brennan.  Back row: Assistant Scoutmaster Michael St. Germaine, Anthony Dickerson, Nathan Columbus, Joshua Ryan, Collin Brennan and Assistant Scoutmaster Charlene Columbus.  

Boy Scout Troop 3 of Raymond decided to visit this summer's Jamboree, and were among over 50,000 scouts and scouters who attended.  The troop made time during their recent Gettysburg trip for a one-day visit to the Jamboree on July 23rd.  The scouts spent the day at the Scott Summit Center, the central meeting area of the Jamboree, where they participated in a number of scouting activities.  The scouts were able to complete several requirements for the Scouting Heritage Merit Badge.

Joshua Ryan and Ian Brennan climbing up the Sustainability

One highlight was the Sustainability Treehouse, built in conjunction with the introduction of the new Sustainability Merit Badge.  The treehouse is a four-story
structure with exhibits and activities to promote the use of sustainable energy.  It also housed exhibits about nature and wildlife, including examples of wildlife native to West Virginia. 

Other activities that the troop enjoyed included the simulated duck-hunt rifle shooting, air-soft target shooting, a disabilities awareness challenge course, a Scouting history exhibit, and demonstrations by the various branches of the United States military, including a NASA space simulator.  Scouts earned patches at the various activity stations, and Troop 3 scouts were able to exchange patches with scouts from other regions of the country.  

Troop 3 scout Nathan Columbus meets Astronaut Michael Fossum

One key highlight of the day was the troop meeting Astronaut Michael
E. Fossum, a retired Air Force Colonel who joined NASA as a Systems Engineer.  He flew on the Space Shuttle Discovery in 2006 and 2008.   In 2011 he served two consecutive missions on the International Space Station, the second as the Mission Commander. 

He is also the Scoutmaster of Boy Scout Troop 1598 of Webster, Texas, and spoke of communicating to his scouts from space.  He spent a half-hour with Troop 3 during the bus ride from the visitor’s parking to the Jamboree, where he gave an inspirational talk and answered many questions.  He then shook hands with everybody as they exited the bus.   


Troop 3 Assistant Scoutmaster Doug Dickerson and Senior
Patrol Leader Anthony Dickerson at the Jamboree main entranceway

Boating area with Jamboree camping area on hill behind the lake.


Boy Scout Troop 3 Goes to Gettysburg
Submitted by Jonathan McCosh - 8-2-13

Boy Scout Troop 3 of Raymond spent a week in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania during the 150th anniversary month of the Civil War battle.  The troop camped at the McMillian Woods Youth Camp Ground from Saturday July 20th to Sunday July 28th, available only to youth groups and located on the battleground itself,  It is managed by the National Parks Service. Raymond scouts spent most of the week camped in the same place where Confederate troops were in early July of 1863.

During the week the troop hiked the Gettysburg Heritage Trails.   After a Saturday July 20th travel day, they began on Sunday with the Historic Gettysburg Trail, which visited many of the historic buildings in the downtown area.  Several costumed historical reinactors gave demonstrations for the boys.   On Monday the Troop visited the Eisenhower Farm, which President Dwight Eisenhower constructed in the 1950’s and raised dairy cows on before, during and after his presidency. It is now managed by the National Parks Service.


Scoutmaster Jonathan McCosh Sr. and Patrol Leader Jonathan McCosh Jr. at the 12th New Hampshire Volunteers monument.  

The Troop then left Gettysburg for a scenic drive south through the Shenandoah National Park’s Skyline Drive, which offered breathtaking views of the Virginia and West Virginia mountains and countryside. Tuesday was spent with a one-day visit to the 2013 National Boy Scout Jamboree in West Virginia.  Wednesday began with the drive back to Gettysburg, followed by hiking the Johnny Reb Trail late afternoon and early evening. That trail covered the fighting that took place on the northeastern side of the battle lines.

Thursday consisted of the long Billy Yank Trail, a hike of over thirteen miles that covered the western and southern battle lines during days two and three of the battle.   This trail covered the areas where all three of New Hampshire’s regiments fought at Gettysburg.  The troop ended the day on Little Round Top, the hill where some of the heaviest fighting took place.

Senior Patrol Leader Anthony Dickerson and Assistant Scoutmaster Charlene Columbus watch as a historic reinactor teaches the troop about Civil war surgical techniques. 

Friday morning began with breaking camp and then working on a service project.  The troop cleared overgrown brush from a horse trail near the amphitheater along West Confederate Avenue.  The afternoon was spent at the Gettysburg Visitor’s Center and Museum.  The troop then headed off to HersheyPark amusement and waterpark, home to Hershey Chocolate World, the final stop on the nine-day trip.

A National Parks Service Ranger conducts a Junior Secret Service program for the scouts at the Eisenhower Farm.  Left to right are Josh Ryan, Justin Shubelka and Collin Brennan.

By the end of the week the Troop had completed the requirements for the Boy Scouts of America’s Historic Trials Award.  The troop kept track of their daily miles hiked and  logged over fifty miles, which combined with the service project, qualifies them for Boy Scouts of America’s 50-Miler Award.   The scouts completed the majority of the requirements for the Citizenship in the Nation, American Heritage and Hiking Merit Badges.


Heading to HersheyPark standing left to right are:  Assistant Scoutmaster Michael St. Germaine, Alex St. Germaine, Ian Brennan, Anthony Dickerson, Justin Shubelka, Collin Brennan, Nathan Columbus, Assistant Scoutmaster Charlene Columbus, J.J. McCosh, Thomas Huguet and Josh Ryan.  Kneeling are: Assistant Scoutmaster Doug Dickerson and Scoutmaster Jon McCosh.   

Boy Scout Troop 3 meets on Wednesday evenings during the school year at the Congregational Church of Raymond.   Troop 3 runs an active outdoor program that includes camping every month as well as mountain climbs, canoe and kayak trip.   New members are welcome to join. 

Boy Scouts is for boys ages 11 to 17 or having completed the 5th Grade.   Please contact Scoutmaster Jon McCosh at 603-895-1108.    


Boy Scout Troop 3 Climbs Mount Pierce 
Submitted by Jonathan McCosh 6-11-13

Boy Scout Troop 3 of Raymond recently climbed Mount Pierce on Saturday, June 1, 2013.   Mount Pierce is in the New Hampshire White Mountains Presidential Range, with an elevation of 4,310 feet and is named for Franklin Pierce, New Hampshire's only President. 

The troop climbed the mountain along the Crawford Path Trail, which is the oldest continually used hiking path in the United States.   The scouts camped both Friday and Saturday nights off from Lost River Road in North Woodstock, New Hampshire.  

 The following day the troop participated at the Clark ’s Trading Post Scouting Weekend, where the scouts each earned Railroading Merit Badge and many completed requirements for the Environmental Science Merit Badge.  While at Clark's the boys watched the trained bear show, made their own ice cream sundaes and soaked each other on the Old Mill Pond Water Blaster Boats.

  Boy Scout Troop 3 has a year-round  outdoor program that includes monthly camping as well as kayak and canoe trips. This was the troop’s fifth climb in the White Mountain, having previously hiked Mount Moosailauke , Mount Waternomee , the Dilly Cliff Trail and the Lincoln Woods Trail. 



 Group Picture: Left to right - front row: Justin Shubelka, J.J. McCosh, Ian Brennan; middle row: Anthony Dickerson, Thomas Huguet, Scoutmaster Jon McCosh, Joshua Ryan, Assistant Scoutmaster John Bizios, Nathan Columbus; back row: Collin Brennan, Assistant Scoutmaster Doug Dickerson, Pascal Huguet  (Photo by Assistant Scoutmaster Charlene Columbus) 


Mt. Pierce Summit Picture:   Left to Right – J.J. McCosh, Thomas Huguet, Justin Shubelka, Joshua Ryan, Anthony Dickerson (Photo by Assistant Scoutmaster John Bizios)


   The troop meets at the Congregational Church of Raymond on Wednesday evenings during the school year. The troop is also active during the summer months, with a trip planned for July to Gettysburg, Pennsylvania and to the National Boy Scout Jamboree in West Virginia. 

In August the troop is planning a trip to Sugarloaf Mountain in Maine.  New members are welcome to join.  Boy Scouts is for boys completing the 5th Grade or between the ages of 11 and 17.  Previous scouting or outdoor experience is not necessary.  Please feel free to contact Scoutmaster Jon McCosh at 603-895-1108.

Troop 3 Welcomes Home Soldiers
Submitted by Jonathan McCosh 1-15-13

Boy Scout Troop 3 of Raymond recently joined the Pease Greeters in welcoming home a group of approximately 40 soldiers who had been deployed to Iraq. They had been in Iraq assisting the government with infrastructure projects.


With the slogan of "Thanking Our Troops, One Flight at a Time ", the Pease Greeters is a non-profit organization dedicated to giving a warm welcome to military units traveling through Pease International Airport on either return flights or being deployed overseas. Volunteers are always welcome and more information and schedules can be found at

Troop 3 was honored to be participants with the 525th flight ceremony of the Pease Greeters.

Following the ceremony the Troop toured the USS Albacore, a submarine museum ship in Portsmouth.

Boy Scout Troop 3 meets Wednesday evenings at 7:00 PM the Congregational Church of Raymond (Raymond town common near town gazebo). We welcome guests and potential new members, boys ages 11 to 17 or finished the 5th grade.



The troop is currently planning a 9-day trip for next summer to Pennsylvania, Virginia and West Virginia.

For more information contact Scoutmaster Jon McCosh at 603-895-1108.




Annual Scouting for Food drive fills Food Pantry's empty shelves
By Cheryl Killam 11-12-12

At 8 am Saturday, Nov. 10, over a dozen vehicles driven by parents of local Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts motored up and down all the roads in Raymond, gathering bags attached to mailboxes or on sitting on the ground, filled with donated items for the Annual Scouting for Food drive.        

When the doors were opened, the shelves of the Rockingham Food Pantry were essentially bare and it was clear this food drive was seriously needed to help those in our community. Some of the canned and boxed goods found on the shelves were expired and removed.



Scouts Matt Lopez, Joe Lopez and David Mayl were eager to get started because the bags were coming in steadily.    

The bags and boxes were piled outside the doors for the scouts to sort through and place on the shelves in categories of fruit, vegetables, cereal, juices, rice, pasta, soups, canned tuna and chicken, sauces and gravies, paper towels and plates, diapers, soaps, shampoos, toothpaste, and other personal toiletries as well as the Helping Hands boxes from Hannaford.

Rick Arnold said one of the areas in town that really contributed the best was the Englewood Mobile Home Park on Harriman Hill Road.


By the end of the day the shelves were filled and the Food Pantry was ready to handle any and all requests for assistance from local needy families.

Unfortunately, a table in the back room was stacked with a portion of the products collected that had already expired and could not be placed on the shelves, including some items that had been opened.


Boy Scout Troop 3 Trails End Popcorn Fund Raiser for trip to Pennsylvania 10-14-12

Boy Scout Troop 3 will be selling Trails End Popcorn at the Ace Hardware / Ben Franklin store in Raymond on Saturday October 20th and Sunday October 21st from 9:00AM to 3:00PM.  The troop is raising money for a July 2013 trip to Gettysburg, Pennsylvania for the 150 anniversary month of the famous battle.   


Boy Scout Troop 3 meets Wednesday evenings at 7:00 PM the Congregational Church of Raymond (Raymond town common near town gazebo).   The troop welcomes guests and potential new members, boys ages 11 to 17 or finished the 5th grade.   The troop is currently planning a 9-day trip for next summer to Pennsylvania , Virginia and West Virginia . For more information contact Scoutmaster Jon McCosh at 603-895-1108.

Boy Scout Troop 3 of Raymond had exhibits at Deerfield Fair- 10-1-12

Boy Scout Troop 3 of Raymond had exhibits at this year’s Deerfield Fair in the Grange and Agricultural Building.  The primary display focused on the troop’s outdoor program.  Troop 3 goes camping every month of the year.  In 2011 the troop hiked the Lincoln Woods Trail, Lost River Caves, Rockingham Recreational Trail and Mount Waternomee.  In 2012 the troop hiked the Dilly Cliff Trail, Gordon Pond Trail, Kinsman Ridge Trail and Mount Moosilauke.

Troop 3’s Senior Patrol Leader, Anthony Dickerson, entered a Boy Scout themed scarecrow made of vegetables in the scarecrow contest, with signage depicting the points of the Scout Law.  Both displays won 2nd Place ribbons.

Boy Scout Troop 3 meets Wednesday evenings at 7:00 PM the Congregational Church of Raymond (Raymond town common near town gazebo).   We welcome guests and potential new members, boys ages 11 to 17 or finished the 5th grade.   The troop is currently planning a 9-day trip for next summer to Pennsylvania, Virginia and West Virginia.   For more information contact Scoutmaster Jon McCosh at 603-895-1108. 

Boy Scout Troop 3 of Raymond participated in New Hampshire’s “Flags on the 48” commemoration of September 11th.    

 Every year on the Saturday closest to September 11, flags are simultaneously raised on all 48 of New Hampshire’s 4000-foot high mountains. This year Raymond’s Troop 3 was with the contingent that climbed Mount Moosilauke in North Woodstock, on Saturday September 8th.

Boy Scout Troop 3 meets on Wednesday nights at 7:00PM, at the Congregational Church of Raymond and is for boys ages 11 to 17.   The troop runs an active outdoor program that includes monthly camping trips, mountain climbs, hikes, canoe trips and kayak trips.  For more information contact Scoutmaster Jon McCosh at 603-895-1108.

Troop 3 atop Mount Moosilauke – pictured left to right – Joshua Ryan, J.J. McCosh, Thomas Huguet, Anthony Dickerson, Assistant Scoutmaster John Bizios.   (Photo by Brian Miville). 


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