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Hampstead Teachers & Students Need a Better School
Submitted By Wendy (Larsen) Vasconcellos   2-15-21

My name is Wendy (Larsen) Vasconcellos. Three generations of my family have gone through Hampstead schools: my brother and myself, my three children, and my six grandchildren (who currently attend HCS, HMS and PA).

When I was young, we only had one school building and had to go year-round with 4 color groups! HMS was built when I was in high school, and HCS was renovated just before my kids started at the school. Everything but the building has changed since then.

The town has quadrupled in population and evolved in many positive ways since I was a kid, however there is still so much more needed. I understand that the room with the big rock is still being used for speech at HCS, and that is unacceptable. Hampstead Teachers are the best, but we need to give them something better to work with.

As much as no one wants to see taxes increase, we need to do what is in the children's best interest. As such, I personally vote YES for Articles 2 and 4.

Hampstead is an amazing town, and people are drawn here for our school system, so we need to keep up with the building if we want to keep our home values high. I am so proud to say I live in Hampstead. My mom was the cafeteria manager when I was growing up, so we have many ties to both schools and hope that the kids get what they need and deserve.

Wendy (Larsen) Vasconcellos, Hampstead Resident
















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