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Creative “Solutions” in Hampstead Central School Are Not Sustainable
Submitted By Tomislav Rogic 2-5-21

To whom it may concern,

I am writing to you as a concerned father of 2 (soon to be 3) young girls. My wife and I recently moved to Hampstead, largely because of the excellent reputation associated with the school system. Both my wife and I have our doctorate degrees in physical therapy, and she owns her own physical therapy clinic.

We realize the value of a good education, and we want that for our girls. However, if changes are not made to the Hampstead Central School, this may not happen. Like many other families, we are excited to be a part of this great town. In fact, the number of projected students for next year is significantly higher than anyone anticipated because so many new families with young children have moved here in the past year.

The school is already low on space, and the administration has been extremely creative in trying to accommodate the needs of the students. Some of these examples include using the library as a classroom and using gym space for other classes.

However, with these creative “solutions” come negative impacts. These solutions are not sustainable for the growing student population. There is concern that the school may not be able to accommodate all kindergarten students who wish to enroll in the full day program -does this mean that I, a taxpaying resident of Hampstead, have to worry that my daughter will be turned away?

Our children need real classrooms. They need designated space for special classes like music and physical education. They need to be able to use a bathroom without having to wait in line. These things sound so basic, but they are real issues facing the students of Hampstead Central School.

In addition to valuing education, like all other parents, we must ensure the safety of our children. The current main entrance into the school is an issue. Administration offices should be located near the entrance of the building to ensure that no unauthorized persons may gain entry into the school. In addition to this, it will allow for our students to feel safer and be able to walk to their classrooms or use the rest room without having to be chaperoned.

Again, a basic need that these students are dealing with is being unmet. So I ask that you please help us to educate others on the needs of the Hampstead Central School. These are covered in warrant articles 2 and 4, which will be voted on in March.

My daughters truly thank you for supporting both articles.


Tomislav Rogic, Hampstead Resident















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