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Vote YES on warrant articles 2 and 4 For HCS on March 9th
Submitted By Molly Freilich 2-6-21

I am writing in support of the Hampstead Central School renovation and would like to encourage all residents to vote YES on warrant articles 2 and 4 on March 9th. The renovation has been needed for many years; but this past year, with the new challenges brought on by the pandemic,  it has been highlighted how inadequate the school building is for providing the safe learning environment that our students and staff deserve.

Just a few of the numerous problems facing the Central School population  currently: 
Classes are being held in closets or the library due to the lack of classroom space - this will only  worsen as student enrollment increases. There is no dedicated cafeteria, so children eat lunch  in one half of the gym, while the PE instructors spend their day trying to  teach classes in the  other half while forced to navigate the constant distractions of lunch conversation. Students who are located in classrooms upstairs (60% of the school’s population) have to share one small set of bathrooms, which has been especially challenging during these socially distanced times. The administration office should be located directly near the main entrance for safety and security, yet it is currently located past the gym entrance and up a flight of stairs.

Cost discussion and benefits to the community: 
While the cost of the bond ($9,070,000) may seem concerning to taxpayers, it would actually only average approximately $25/month for a $400,000 home. Should these articles not pass, the renovation will only increase in price as the years go by and the need for more space grows stronger. The renovations will not only boost real estate values here in Hampstead, but local community groups and organizations will have the opportunity to utilize the new school spaces for recreation and business.

Hampstead Hearts is a local volunteer organization with over 30 members, (including myself),  
that is dedicated to ensuring that all community members have all needed information regarding the renovation plan. They regularly hold virtual information sessions for the community to answer any questions you may have. I encourage voters to check out the Hampstead Hearts Facebook   page or email them with any inquiries at hampsteadhearts@gmail.com .

As a parent and school volunteer, I have seen firsthand how important the need is for this renovation. Our children deserve better – They Are The Future.

Please do your part and Vote  YES for articles 2 and 4 on March 9th!

Thank you,

Molly Freilich, Hampstead Resident
















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