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Lets Provide More Stability and Resilience In Our Educational System
Submitted By Meghin Marley    2-18-21

Hello Hampstead Community Members,

I am writing this letter to entice you to get involved this spring and vote for articles 2 and 4 supporting the Hampstead Central School renovations. We are looking forward to big positive changes post pandemic for our town. There has been a big push for this in years past and what better time to support our community than now? We, as a community, have faced one of our most challenging years in our history and I personally believe our community is coming out of this pandemic stronger and more resilient than we went in.

Our kids have had a rough year and we can no longer ignore the pressing issues that have challenged our educational system. Before the pandemic the children and staff in the Central School faced challenges that included but were not limited to classroom space deficiencies, heating and cooling issues, air quality concerns, and lack of facilities availability in areas of the building. I as a former teacher at Timberlane have also experienced facility issues in an older building which effect health and safety and cause stress and concern among students and staff.

We have seen the detrimental effects from the lack of public school on our community and moving forward with rectifying these space and facility issues will provide more stability and resilience in our educational system for the future. We need to remember our kids best interest is at stake. Voting for articles 2 and 4 supports better air quality, more space for learning, comfortable temperatures, and access to facilities for hand washing and sanitation.

I am proud to be a part of this special community and I look forward to our future and the future of our young community members.

These school renovations will only better our community esthetically and would facilitate the services our kids and teachers deserve.

Thank you for your time and consideration! Vote for kids and support articles 2 and 4 on March 9th.

Meghin and Rob Marley Marley, Hampstead Residents
















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