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Now is the Time to Pass Articles 2 and 4
Submitted By Jennifer Smith    2-15-21

Hello Hampstead Community!

I am a current resident of Hampstead and have been for my entire life. I have three children, two of which have already moved on from Central School, and one that still has a few years left. I am writing today to express my support for the much-needed school renovations.

As a former student at HCS and now a parent, I have seen firsthand how the school can no longer support the growth of this great town. The school has remained mostly unchanged from when I was a student, except that they have been forced to become creative with space to provide special services, which robs the kids of space for other things (like their library and computer lab). Classrooms are no longer grouped together by grade level, the stage isn't usable because the student population is too large, and the library is being used for classrooms.

The car loop used to drop off and pick-up students pulls car exhaust from vehicles into classrooms due to the outdated ventilation system. When attempting to enter the school, you need to be buzzed in through a series of locked doors before reaching the main office and its administrators, who do not have line of sight to the parking lot. I have also seen how much larger the class sizes are getting each year.

I chose to raise my family in Hampstead because of the great community, the amazing school system, and its incredible teachers. It is time for the Central School to be updated to reflect these alluring qualities. I realize that we are currently in a pandemic, but this year has shown how ill-equipped the school is to get all students safely back in school full time.

I know people see renovations and immediately think no because their taxes are going to go up. But if you really look at what you would be spending and then look at the benefits that money will provide, I hope you can see why now is the time to get these passed.

In closing, I am asking everyone to get out and vote on March 9th and please, please, please vote YES on Articles 2 and 4. Our kids are worth it.

Thank You,
Jennifer Smith, Hampstead Resident
















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