Letter to the Editor

An Enlightened Learning Experience at HCS
Submitted By Jennifer O'Reilly 2-5-21

If you look up the word education in the dictionary, you will find two definitions. One being the most obvious: the acquisition of knowledge or other important factors of life such as morals, values or a particular skill set. But there is one definition that I feel gets overlooked. The other definition according to the Oxford dictionary is: an enlightening experience.

When looking for our new family home, my husband and I made sure that the school system was one that not only our children would be safe in, but where they would get a great education. The Hampstead School system checked off both boxes.  With that being said, it is important that we as a community make learning an enlightening experience for our youth.

In order for our children to be successful in their academic endeavors, it’s imperative that we give them the best environment to achieve success as a student. We need new classrooms to house our ever-growing community. We need a room for the arts and music.

There is a need to add on and renovate The Hampstead Central School so that we can give the children of Hampstead an enlightened learning experience. No matter what stage of life you are in, I encourage all to think about our town’s children and their right to a great education in a great school.

Please consider a Yes vote on Warrant article #2, and Warrant article #4 this upcoming March 9, 2021.

Jennifer O’Reilly
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