Letter to the Editor

Dave’s Top 10 Reasons to Support Warrant Articles 2 & 4
Submitted By David Smith   2-25-21

To the Hampstead Community:

My name is David Smith and for those that do not know I am one of two
School Board members that have been leading the Central School construction
committee for the past year.  We have learned a lot about the needs of the
students while balancing the value to the community.  I will attempt to
keep this short and feel the best way to communicate why, as a taxpayer and
community member, I support this project.  I give you “Dave’s Top 10
Reasons to Support Warrant Articles 2&4.”

10)  I love this town.  I have been a nomad all my life living, moving no
less than 20x between 5 states and 12 towns/cities.  This is the first time
I have lived somewhere that feels like home.

9) This plan IS right sized to accommodate the growth of the student
population for the foreseeable future.

8) Approving this project allows the town to concentrate on other projects
needed in the future.  Fire station!  Community center, anyone?

7) We have cut costs by using less expensive materials that provide the
same quality and are long-lasting – saving taxpayers money is a top

6) We have the right team in front of this to provide the best value and
best opportunity to reduce overall costs

5) Provides a safe & secure solution.  A more secure entryway, building
code and safety upgrades, and administration being located at the front of
the building will allow for students to walk throughout the school without
being chaperoned.

4) This is the lowest interest rate we will ever see – it’s almost “free
money” to borrow at ~1% interest

3) Allows students to stay in-district without needing to find alternative
solutions that are more costly to all of us

2) We keep our library, computer lab and dedicated space for the arts,
while gaining properly sized classrooms, and more!  Students are provided
the space needed as the foundation to a competitive education with other

1) This plan pays for itself over time.  We have identified millions in
savings over the course of 10 years which dramatically reduces our
budgetary needs over the next 10 years.  Not to mention additional savings
beyond the 10 years of the bond. Without this, we pay more to provide less
to our students and community.

Thank you,
David Smith, Hampstead Community Member

To learn more about the project that will allow our school to continue to build a future for the children in our community visit HCS Renovations Website.

















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